Leading thought in entrepreneurship from the London Business School community


The London Entrepreneurship Review (LER) is an online publication written by London Business School's entrepreneurship community.

It seeks to publish thought-leading pieces in the field of entrepreneurship from across the London Business School community; drawing on the experiences of alumni at all stages of building businesses, students starting their own new ventures, faculty research and our extensive network of angel investors and mentors.

Our goal is to share the depth of entrepreneurial thinking at LBS through authoritative, evidence-based and relevant thought leadership. We hope to engage and inspire a global readership by being a beacon for entrepreneurial activity in London.

The LER Team

The LER runs on the sweat-equity of group of MBA students and advisors, each uniquely fascinated with delivering the stories of entrepreneurship which flow to, and from, London Business School. Here's the team that brings those stories to life:

Freddie Briance is focused on innovation in the retail and social care spaces. His professional roles in product management at Abercrombie and Fitch, and subsequently in two London based start-ups, have given him extensive experience in identifying and articulating product solutions to consumer needs, and his passion continues to be in this area. Freddie believes strongly in the power of short form media to open future leaders’ minds to the world of entrepreneurship. He joined LER as Video Editor to channel his experience working with content teams into LER’s drive to share frank and challenging discussions in new formats with new audiences.

Mauricio Coindreau is a tech enthusiast, who started his career as an entrepreneur following his degree as a Chemical Engineer in Mexico. Mauricio has worked as a consultant, high school teacher, offline marketing specialist and most recently in the e-commerce space with Rocket Internet and Amazon over the last 3 years. Mauricio joined the LER to provide context in how technology is revolutionizing life in emerging markets, and how entrepreneurs truly can solve the world’s most distressing problems.

Lorenzo Espinosa spent his entire pre-MBA career in the United States, most recently working for Amazon in Seattle and Chicago. At LBS, Lorenzo is part of the executive committee of the Entrepreneurship Club, where he organises Launchpad, a programme aimed at incubating business ideas by providing access to start-up mentorship and resources. Lorenzo is passionate about technology strategy and innovation focusing on how tech disruption creates new industries and customer needs.

Dan Grabiner is an experienced media and technology investor and the resident ball of energy at LER. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoys building businesses and exchanging innovative and exciting ideas. He is also a committed Tottenham Hotspur fan.

Amrita Kumar was born into a business family, where she experienced entrepreneurship up close and personal. She started her first enterprise when she was 21. She then worked with D. E. Shaw & Co., a hedge fund and subsequently joined her family’s diversified agri-business, Dayal Group, in India. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and wants to use her time at LBS to explore the scope of technology to transform agriculture, especially in developing countries. Besides this, she loves food, dogs and dancing.

Dana Shaheen is a self-proclaimed “infinite learner”. She is incessantly curious and continuously looking to explore new domains and expand her expertise. With dual-degrees in Journalism & Media Studies and Finance from Rutgers University, Dana finds equal power in words and numbers to tell a story. Transitioning from an Investment Banking career to Entrepreneurship, Dana is interested in ways start-ups are applying technology to address pain points in legacy industries and disrupt life as we know it. A firm believer in the capacity of knowledge sharing to provoke thought in others, Dana joined the LER to share London’s vibrant tech and start-up scene with those looking to explore it.

Mayank Singhal is a proven technology strategist and an engineer by education. Prior to joining the MBA programme at London Business School, Mayank successfully completed over 10 projects at Deloitte Consulting LLP, including the launch of Apple Pay. Since January 2016, he shifted his focus to fintech and blockchain, in which he published 5 papers (including with the World Economic Forum and Chamber of Digital Commerce) and supported the development of Deloitte’s global offerings.

Niharika Rao is an entrepreneur and (almost recovered) former lawyer. Having built India’s first robo-advisor, she is excited by all things entrepreneurship and believes it is for everyone. Through LER, she’s trying to realize this dream of making entrepreneurship more accessible.

Jeff Skinner is Executive Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. He also directs a variety of MBA entrepreneurship electives and co-curricular student activities at the School.  Prior to this, as Commercial Director at University College London (UCL), Jeff conceived, built and ran UCL’s Technology Transfer division – including the creation of two early-stage seed funds and separate units managing consultancy, collaborative research and new venture creation. Jeff acts as advisory mentor for the LER.

John Witt was formerly a certified public accountant (CPA) in the U.S., but those days are long gone. Chasing the inner-craving for creativity, ideation, and impact, he now leverages unique components of his past experience in sustainability and value-chains to develop tech-enabled improvements to the way the world creates and consumes goods and services. John joined the LER because he believes sharing London’s unique playground of entrepreneurial activity can inspire people to chase after their ideas.


Graeme Burns is a strategist, a technologist and an engineer. His passion is the digital economy, design and innovation. Graeme is an experienced consultant with a focus on digital strategy, customer experience design and tech-enabled business transformations. He also enjoys building things, playing with Lego and surf-boat rowing. He is pursuing an MBA at London Business School.

Robert Yule is pursuing his MBA to help make the leap from the world of blue chip strategy into a fast growing consumer company. Previously working in retail, consumer technology and management consulting he's looking to find the team that's developing the next big digital blockbuster. Passionate about how technology makes people's lives richer and easier, he's interested in pretty much any consumer industry going. Rob joined the LER because he loves hearing about what's going on in the London entrepreneurial scene and hopes to bring some of the coolest stories and insights to the LBS community and beyond.

Nick Burton is a FinTech fanatic, looking to use his time as a London Business School MBA to explore better ways of providing capital to startups. Previously a banker, Nick joined the Startupbootcamp FinTech accelerator to run the entire sales and selection process for the 2015 cohort of amazing FinTech startups. He is an avid skier, traveller and a basketball zealot.

Katie Wadsworth is an IT Strategy professional and an engineer by education. She is also a fashion and luxury technology enthusiast, freelance writer, and founder of the fashion & lifestyle blog Joiedelamode.com. Katie’s prior work experience in consulting and project management led her to pursue an MBA at London Business School, where she is focused on transferring her skills to the evolving luxury-tech space. She is specifically focused on helping luxury brands marry their physical and digital strategies, to present a seamless omnichannel experience to their customers.  

Courtney Carlsson is an LBS MBA 2016, and aspiring entrepreneur. Courtney has 5 years of experience in sales and brand building. She has worked for Celine, LVMH in Sales and Marketing in both the New York and Paris offices.  After her time at Celine, she joined The Row, a luxury startup of sorts, for a more entrepreneurial and global role. At LBS, Courtney has focused on entrepreneurship and tech. During her first year she worked as VP Business Development for a digital health startup called Soma Analytics. She led a team to the final round in LBS’s first ever Hackathon in April 2015. And more recently, Courtney interned at LinkedIn in a Sales Operations role. Courtney holds a BA in Political Economy and Philosophy from Georgetown University and is currently completing a remote Python coding course at MIT. 

Terence Steinberg is a strategy consultant and serial entrepreneur. Organisations he's co-founded include Impact Hub Minneapolis, an incubator and coworking space for social entrepreneurs; a-space design, a design thinking consultancy serving Fortune 500s in the USA; and A Tu Lado, an NGO that trained 200 emergency responders in medically underserved communities of Bolivia and Venezuela. Terence is is pursuing his MBA at LBS with a focus on design and the circular economy.

Rami Banna is an engineer, product champion and technology evangelist. He has a passion for communicating technology, entrepreneurship and healthcare. Rami has previously served as a committee member of Australian Engineering Week, judge of the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards, Chair of an Institute of Engineering Technology Chapter, and co-founder of industry cluster Embedded Systems Australia. He is currently studying for an MBA at London Business School.

Guerric d’Aviau de Ternay is a marketer and product developer. Guerric is passionate about making technology more accessible by matching innovation with customer needs. Guerric has previously worked as a consultant helping tech companies to validate their business model and grow their customer base. He is currently working with startups on their marketing strategy while studying for a MiM at London Business School.

Prabha Rathinasabapathy is an MBA 2015 at London Business School, and one of the community's aspiring entrepreneurs. She has 7 years' experience in urban regeneration, working as a project director on the 67 acre mixed-use development at King's Cross before starting the MBA. She plans a future path in activewear, starting with a line of bike-to-boardroom apparel designed for the working woman.

Sarah Chan is a marketing and communications specialist with a passion for healthcare, design, and the Oxford comma. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and is motivated by bringing ideas to life. Sarah is currently pursuing an MBA at London Business School.

Aarti Iyer is an experienced communications and investor relations professional, with a background in the private equity and financial services industry. In addition to her love of the written word, she has great admiration for those who risk everything to bring an idea to life. She is currently pursuing an MBA at London Business School. 

Karla Henderson is Project Manager for the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. She is responsible for conceiving and mapping activities that can be used to enhance the presence and profile of the Institute. She has extensive experience in international event management within the media industry.

Scott Parish is an MBA 2015 at London Business School and practices the entrepreneurial craft inside organizations -  discovering, developing and accelerating new businesses at scale.  Intrepreneurial passions include an Internet of Things Green Energy product inside Canada’s largest Telco, and a city wide art program inside a homeless youth shelter.

Sarah Walker is an experienced business strategist and private equity investment professional. She consults with clients in the consumer, media and technology sectors, and is passionate about supporting aspiring entrepreneurs, early stage ventures and fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies. Sarah is currently working on a number of exciting new ventures in health, fitness and luxury travel, while pursuing an Executive MBA at London Business School.

Iolanda Franco is an economist and financial services expert. Her previous role focused on the development of infrastructure projects in Brazil, ranging from high profile logistics and mining enterprises to alternative energy source ventures for local entrepreneurs. Iolanda is passionate about social entrepreneurship and its transformational power over developing economies. She is currently developing her own entrepreneurial education project and pursuing an MBA at London Business School.

Eirini Koukaki is an electrical engineer and a strategist. Eirini has worked in telecoms for more than 5 years and has changed a few different functions. She worked as a product manager in Vodafone for the last 3 years, focusing on Unified Communication technologies. Eirini loves coming up with new ideas and creating innovative products. She is currently studying for an MBA at London Business School.

Andrei Dvornic is pursuing an MBA at London Business School. He has an engineering background and previously worked for Arista Networks in various roles while the business scaled from a startup to a multi-billion dollar public company. Besides being a sport enthusiast, he has a passion for technology, tech ventures and plans to pursue an entrepreneurial career path focused on improving the consumer retail experience.