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A New Year. A New Review.

A New Year. A New Review.

That time has come: the New Year. For many, it’s a time of revamped goals, fresh starts, and new health club memberships. But, hold up. We don't cover the many. We don’t write stories about the normal. We aren’t concerned with the status quo.

Today, we are excited to signpost some news: the beginning of the new London Entrepreneurship Review.

We operate in uncertain times, full of unknown outcomes from undefined pathways. The bright side? Its times like these when the fearless take their steps, the bold make their jumps, and the movers do their shaking. It’s our job to shine a light on these entrepreneurs as they step, jump, and shake. To best do this, we must evolve as quickly as the times in which we operate.

Today, as the entrepreneurial world continues to turn, we are also evolving. We’re taking it up a notch to better capture the energy, the controversy, and the intrigue of the electric entrepreneurial hub known as the city of London.

At London Business School, we’re fortunate to be fully wired into this hub – firmly grounded as an outlet of entrepreneurship. We have 10 editorial leaders who’ve been busy laying down the intricate wires of a new, multi-dimensional LER. And now, we flip the switch to “ON”. In this new LER, we’re digging into the intrigue of unasked questions. We’re delivering you the answers through untapped channels. We’re convinced current ways are old. We believe innovation is continuous. We’re devoted to delivering energy, welcoming controversy, and capturing intrigue.

So, as time marches on, you’ll begin to notice some changes, some tweaks, some lifts, some surprises. Keep an eye out, keep an ear open, and we’ll take the rest from here. The time has come – a time for the new London Entrepreneurship Review. 

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